Hi I'm Aimee Aka Bunnyaimee!
I'm a singer/actress/vlogger/blogger, and a hope to be the first singer in a wheelchair!
I adore Tom Hiddleston & Benedict Cumberbatch,
Siva Kaneswaran,
Doctor Who,
The Avengers,
& well, probably most fandoms tbh!
Anything else you wanna know? drop me an ask! (I don't bite, unless you're Loki ;P )
OH and did I mention I'm in a wheelchair? ;)


I went to see Coriolanus yesterday (Tuesday 14th January 2014 - 7.30pm) & the show was absolutely incredible, it started off with me sitting directly beside the entrance & exit & having a WET, TOPLESS (and bloody) Tom Hiddleston walking beside me TWICE, and he also walked past me in nothing but a see through gown! and at the end of the show when they bowed, he turned looked straight at me, nodded, winked and smiled (OMG) and then after the show (it typically rained) I waited outside & met Alfie Enoch aka Dean Thomas in Harry Potter & The Bloody Guardsman in Sherlock, (who unfortunately did NOT remember me from Leakycon but ah well! also didn’t get to meet Mark Gatiss, he mustve snuck out as soon as it ended because noone as far as I know saw him) then it finally happened..

I MET TOM WILLIAM HIDDLESTON. The man I have tried and failed to meet TWICE and I even told him that (and he apologised bless his cute little heart!) he came down to my eye level and our faces were inches from each other when we spoke, we had such an intimate conversation & he was so soft spoken and he really listened intensely to everything i was saying, he called me darling & asked how I was and did i enjoy the show and he took my hand and asked me my name & said it was really lovely to have met me & he gave me a HIDDLES HUG (which if my camera hadn’t been slow id have pictorial evidence of) and he told to go and get dry (because of the rain - you filthy people aha) and he was just…perfect in every way. I am honestly the happiest person alive right now. I still can’t quite believe it really happened….

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