Hi I'm Aimee Aka Bunnyaimee!
I'm a singer/actress/vlogger/blogger, and a hope to be the first singer in a wheelchair!
I adore Tom Hiddleston & Benedict Cumberbatch,
Siva Kaneswaran,
Doctor Who,
The Avengers,
& well, probably most fandoms tbh!
Anything else you wanna know? drop me an ask! (I don't bite, unless you're Loki ;P )
OH and did I mention I'm in a wheelchair? ;)



This doodle was drawn by the lovely Jay McGuinness for National Doodle Day - it’ll be auctioned for Epilepsy Action on 11th Feb

Jay Said:  My band and I (The Wanted) hope this brings you guys some much needed and deserved quid!

Full Details can be found here:  http://ht.ly/3PvMC

To vote for Jay McGuinness as your favourite 2011 celebrity doodler,
text DOODLE 2033 to 80039

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    ^^ I agree Cherelle, my mum works with children with Epilepsy too, seeing as we have the same mum & all…
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    this just makes me love them even more, and my Mum works with children with Epilepsy, Jay is just far too lovely!
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    This means so much to me. Me and my sister have minor Epilepsy and we are with this charity. When I read this is what TW...
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